Dear Jurij and Voskresenije

Thank you for your wonderful performance on Sunday in Frodsham and thank you for asking Frodsham & District Choral Society to sing the Rachmaninov Vespers with Voskresenije. It was a great pleasure and honour for us to sing with Voskresenije. I hope you enjoyed your weekend in Frodsham and that you have a successful tour of the UK.
Here are some photographs of the concert.
Please let me know if you put the video of the concert on YouTube then we can all have a look at it.
It is possible that our choir will accept your kind invitation to sing with you again. Unfortunately we will not be able to sing the Mussorgsky cantatas with you in 2012 but we will come and listen to you.

Kind regards

Margaret (and all the members of Frodsham & District Choral Society)

Margaret Rogerson
Honorary Secretary Frodsham & District Choral Society


Musicians from Russia have certainly been wowing Welsh audiences. This month the Marinsky Orchestra and Choir produced an outstanding performance of Verdi's Requiem in the Millenium Centre, with Bryn Terfel singing the bass part, and last Saturday Pembrokeshire was not to be outshone, as the Russian ensemble Voskresenije, together with the Dyfed Choir did a blinding performance of Sergei Rachmaninov's Vespers in St Davids Cathedral.

The St Davids concert had a certain edge, as the conductor and director for the occasion, Jurij Maruk, speaks very limited english. Moreover, Rachmaninov's music is highly fluid, with dramatic changes of tempo and dynamic volume in the space of a few notes, all which requires the chorus to follow the conductor's every inflection.

The packed Cathedral audience were 'warmed up' in the first half with solos from each of the eight singing guests, all who live, perform and study in St Petersburg. Each accompanied by piano, gave really outstanding performances. For some in the audience the prize went to Andrey Drosha, the tenor, others preferred the contralto Jana Volkonskaya, while Anatoly Artamonov the basso profundo was always the winner in many eyes.

They were then to hear the results of adding the powerful Dyfed Choir singers to the scene. The fifteen part Vespers is performed unaccompanied, and conductor Jurij confined his tonal direction to a quick ping of a tuning fork on the hand and a discreet hum for each part. Rachmaninov revels in pushing the bass note to subterranean depths, and the Dyfed bassers, reinforced by Artimanov, produced a rumble of extraordinary proportions.

Crucial to the success of the evening was the Russian interpreter Luda Lewis from Templeton, who linked conductor with choir in both two rehearsals.

Next St Davids performance is Bach's St John Passion on March 27, 2010.

Russian Choir in St Michael's and All Saints', Ford

MORE than 200 music lovers packed into St Michael’s and All Saints Church at Ford Village to witness a remarkable evening of choral music from an ensemble from St Petersburg.

The Voskresenije Choir, all internationally trained at the world class St Petersburg Conservatoire and conducted by musical director by Jurij Maruk, sang a concert programme in two parts: the first half concentrated on Russian sacred music by Rachmaninov, and the second a series of Russian folk songs, which allowed in particular each of the performers to provide a solo.

The song about the drunk Bursch (set in a pub!) was particularly popular as it gave the Basso Profundo Anatoly Artamonov an opportunity to display an extraordinary range of bass notes that few even in the world of Russian choral music can attain.
In all, the eight performers, four male and four female voices, sang for nearly an hour and a half, and thrilled the audience with their spectacular sound - the harmonies of which are unique to Russian music.

The audience also enjoyed some food and refreshment in the interval, for which the organisers Corrine and Andrew Joicey were particularly grateful.
“The effort to put on this evening has been huge, and so many people here have given their time to help prepare the food,” said Corrine.
“It has all contributed to a wonderful evening.”

A vote of thanks was proposed in both English and Russian, and the choir encouraged to sing a further encore before everyone left for home thoroughly entertained.

Voskresenije have now performed at Ford for two years and the venue is understood to be one of the group’s personal favourites – a combination of the acoustics and the enthusiasm of the audience. They are already talking about coming back next year. A full house can be guaranteed


The popular Vocal Ensemble from St Petersburg, Voskresenije, returns to Dunoon next weekend with a concert in Holy Trinity Church, Kilbride Road. The choir of nine professional singers, directed by Jurij Maruk, is making its fourth visit to Holy Trinity, where members of the congregation look forward once again to giving them hospitality – an interesting experience when the only Russian spoken is the word for “cheers”!

This year the progamme will include excerpts from Rachmaninov’s Vespers – a setting of the services of Vespers, Matins and the First Hour as they are celebrated in the Russian Orthodox Church and known as the Vsenoshchnoe Bdenie, the All-Night Vigil. When the conductor of the choir who gave the first performance saw the score, he shook his head and asked “Where are we going to find basses to sing this? They are as rare as asparagus at Christmas!” But Rachmaninov knew his own countrymen – “I well knew the demands I could make of Russian basses!” We look forward to hearing Anatoly Artomonov, the group’s basso profundo, in this piece, and to another wonderful evening of sacred and folk music.

CDs and other Russian artefacts will be on sale at the concert, which is at 7.30pm on Saturday, 26 November. Entrance programmes, price £8, will be on sale at the door or can be bought in advance through members of the church. You are advised to be in good time – these concerts tend to be a sell-out!


The acclaimed vocal ensemble "Voskresenije" ("Resurrection") from St. Petersburg, sing a selection of sacred and secular music from their native Russia.
Under their musical director, Jurij Maruk, this wonderful Russian choir is making a return visit to Aberdeen as part of their now annual tour. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic church is very pleased to be able to welcome them back for what we hope will be as successful and uplifting an event as last year's.

Originally from Barnaul, West Siberia, Jurij Maruk has worked at the Marinskij Theatre in St. Petersburg as both a singer and conductor and was also choir master of the St. Petersburg Radio and Television choir. He founded the "Voskresenije" ensemble in 1993. It consists of a group of about eight or nine professional singers, including one of only two basso profundo singers in St. Petersburg capable of reaching the lowest notes required in Rachmaninov's "Vespers". They have toured all over Europe, performing their blend of Russian sacred music and folk music.

The exciting concert promises to be a feast of Russian music for all ages.
Opening On 11 Nov 2010
Start Time 19:30End Time: 21:30
Ticket Information:
Entry free, retiring collection for the choir. Mulled wine and mince pies afterwards.

Venue Details
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Deeside Gardens, Aberdeen AB15 7PR