Sunday, September 6, 2015

Programme for UK Tour, 2015

Part One- Sacred Music

1 In that we have beheld the Resurrection of Christ          S.Rachmaninov               (1873-1943)

2 Hail, O Virgin, Birth-giver of God                                 S.Rachmaninov

3 Lord, now Lettest Thou                                                  S.Rachmaninov

4 We sing to You                                                                S.Rachmaninov

5  Do not cast me off in the time of old age                       P.Tshesnokov                 (1877-1944)

6 Let my prayer arise                                                         P.Tshesnokov        

7 Blessed is the man                                                           P.Tshesnokov    

8 Agnus Dei                                                                      Camille Saint-Saens ( 1835-1921)

Interval - 15-20 Minutes

Part Two- Folk Songs

 1 In a sunny clearing

 2 Carol of the Bells               (Ukrainian folk song)

 3 Black-eyed Cossack

 4 Coachman, don’t whip up the horses

5 Old Bursh Song (Down deep within the cellar)

 6 Those Were The Days

7 The lonely little Bell

(Provisional programme - may change)

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