Friday, November 4, 2016

Praise for current UK tour performances

These comments were left on Facebook today by satisfied customers!

Going contentedly to bed now after a wonderful concert of Russian sacred music and folk song at a local parish church. If you get a chance to hear the Voskresenije (Resurrection) Choir of St Petersburg on their current UK tour, grab it with both hands. Just eight unaccompanied singers, but the sound they make is glorious.The date of next year's visit is already on the calendar. 
- Kathy Ferguson

Glad you liked them! We in North Curry thought they were great. It was the first time for us and it won't be the last! We shall see them again on October 11 2017. 
- Helen Griffiths

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  1. Bolshoje Spasibo za kolosalnyj koncert v St.Peter's,Aberdeen!Uspeshnyh dalnejshyh gastrolej i vozvrachenije domoj!Arvydas